Hypnotherapy Packages

Multi-Session Target-Specific Hypnotherapy Package Pricing.

Prices are available for:

Online Pre-Recorded Video Packages. These are non-interactive full sessions that you can listen to at home in your own time.


Individual Private Sessions with the Hypnotherapist

Diagram showing the gastric band

Virtual Gastric Band

This transformative journey towards your healthiest self focusses on mindful portioning and nourishing, clean food options. Harnessing the proven effectiveness of hypnosis together with NLP, EFT and coaching techniques, we empower individuals like yourself to reshape habits and cultivate a positive relationship with food.

This option is perfect for those who need extra support in overcoming challenges related to portion control and over-snacking. Our Coach and Hypnotherapist, Juliette, has trained in nutrition so can offer you expert guidance on food choices which is then reinforced using hypnosis. The VGB program has a 95% success rate in clinical trials in the UK, and implies a sense of restriction around the stomach to allow you to feel more satisfied on smaller portions of food.

We will unlock the potential for lasting change, allowing you to achieve and maintain your desired weight while embracing a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. Take the first step towards a new you – one that is balanced, confident, and full of vitality!


online Pre-Recorded package: $700

7 sessions including 5 hypnotherapy sessions, 2 maintenance hypnosis audio recordings and bonus EFT and inner child work.


Individual Private package :  $795

This 4-session hypnotherapy package also includes 2 maintenance hypnosis audio recordings to listen to at home.


Photo of cigarette smoke rising into the air

Quit Smoking

Your health is your greatest asset, and freeing yourself from the smoking habit is a powerful choice towards reclaiming it.

By choosing to break free from the grips of the nicotine industry, you are taking control of your choices and embracing a future filled with vitality, freedom and well-being.

Hypnotherapy has one of the highest success rates for stopping smoking, at around 80 to 85% compared to prescription medication and patches at around 22 to 30%.

Juliette is a trained and certified quit smoking practitioner, helping clients since 2009.

Through a combination of therapeutic coaching, NLP techniques and the proven effectiveness of hypnosis, we will help you free yourself from
the ties of this habit. Imagine the freedom, the improved health and wealth, and the sense of empowerment that comes with releasing
yourself from it’s chokehold.


online pre-recorded package: $300

4 sessions in total including 3 hypnotherapy sessions, 1 maintenance hypnosis audio recording and a bonus EFT session.

Individual private package :   $350

A 2-session hypnotherapy package with 1 maintenance hypnosis audio recording to use at home.



Photo of fruit sitting in the shape of a heart on a table

Weight Reduction & Healthy Lifestyle

Embark on a transformative journey toward a healthier and happier lifestyle with our specialized program in healthy living and weight loss, which focusses on key elements such as mindful food choices, hydration, strategic exercise, meal timings, and essential nutrition. Guiding you through this journey is our skilled Coach and Hypnotherapist, Juliette, equipped with a background in nutrition to provide expert guidance on food choices. Through the seamless integration of hypnosis and incorporating NLP and EFT techniques, we reinforce these choices, creating a powerful synergy for lasting change. Tailored for those content with their portion sizes but seeking transformation in their choices and mindset, this program is your gateway to cultivating a positive and sustainable lifestyle. Elevate your well-being and make the choice for a healthier you today!


online pre-recorded package: $300

4 sessions in total including 3 hypnotherapy sessions, 1 maintenance hypnosis audio recording and a bonus EFT session.


Individual private package :  $350

This 2-session hypnotherapy package also includes a maintenance hypnosis audio recording to listen to at home.




Photo of a baby sleeping in a bed peacefully

Better Sleep

Sleep deprivation can cause so many challenges in our daily lives and have such an impact on how we feel.
Whether it is issues with falling asleep or staying asleep, hypnotherapy can assist not only with your sleep patterns but also the anxiety and belief systems in place around it.
As part of our program, you will receive a complimentary sleep recording that you can use in the comfort of your own home. This will
help guide you into a restful sleep state, allowing you to wake feeling rejuvenated.

Using a combination of coaching, NLP techniques and hypnosis, we will help you improve your sleep patterns.


online pre-recorded package: $300

4 sessions in total including 3 hypnotherapy sessions,  plus 2 hypnotherapy Sleep audio recordings.


Individual private sessions:

$175 for Session 1 then $160 per session for all following sessions (minimum of 2 sessions are required). 2 sleep recordings are provided.


Online Group Courses Coming Soon:




IBS Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy


Fears and Phobias (heights, driving, birds, spiders, flying etc)




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Individual Private Sessions

For General Sessions not listed in the packages above:

Initial Session: $175

The initial session may take between 1hr and 1hr 15 mins depending on the client's needs. A general recording is provided for use at home.


Follow-on Sessions: $160 each

Follow-on sessions tend to be shorter, between 35 mins and 1 hour.An additional general recording may be provided as the Hypnotherapist deems appropriate.


Hypnotherapy session lengths vary depending on a client's individual needs.


Prices are per session regardless of time.




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